Lit Gifs

Classic literature through gifs.

A Hunger Artist, Franz Kafka

1.  How the interest in professional fasting used to be:

2.  How the public used to support the hunger artist:

3.  How fascinated people were over hunger artist performances:

4.  How I felt about food while fasting, due to my professional honor:

5.  How I looked while fasting:

6.  Some people didn’t understand my work:

7.  Others would shine flashlights on me at night:

8.  There was much pomp when my spectacular performance was over:

9.  They would make me eat then, though I didn’t want to:

10.  But I would live in glory for years:

11.  But now, there is no interest in professional fasting:

12.  This is what people want:

13.  So I joined the circus:

14.  How I felt when the crowds rushed toward my cage:

15.  But I realized the excitement was for the animals, not me:

16.  How the bird next door taunts me:

17.  I have been forgotten:

18.  This is what the management told me:

19.  I would have tried eating, but I never found a food that made me feel like this:

20.  This will probably replace me:


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