Lit Gifs

Classic literature through gifs.

Hamlet, William Shakespeare

1. Elsinore Castle, Denmark. The ghost of King Hamlet wanders the ramparts, freaking everyone out:

2. The ghost only speaks to his son, Prince Hamlet:

lion king

3. He tells Hamlet he was murdered by Hamlet’s now-stepfather, the new king Claudius:


4. Prince Hamlet promises to avenge his father’s murder:

princess bride

5. And he thinks about it:

thinking 4

6. And he keeps thinking about it:


7. And he thinks about it some more:

thinking 2

8. He goes crazy thinking about it:


9. And then, of course, there’s this:

to be

10. He tells Ophelia he cannot marry her and banishes her to a nunnery. She doesn’t like it:


11. He stages a play to entrap Claudius:


12. Claudius falls for the trap, and Hamlet finally decides to kill Claudius:

13. But Claudius is praying, and Hamlet can’t kill Claudius while he’s in prayer:

frustrated hamlet

14. Fearing for his own safety, Claudius orders Hamlet into exile:


15. Hamlet goes to comfort his mother and accidentally kills Ophelia’s dad:


16. Ophelia goes mad with grief and kills herself:

ophelia dying

17: Ophelia’s brother, Laertes, returns to avenge his family:


18. Hamlet and Laertes duel:


19. But Claudius has poisoned Hamlet’s cup and Laerte’s sword blade:


20. Hamlet’s mother takes a sip from the poison cup, Hamlet sips from the cup, Laertes injures himself with his own blade, and Hamlet stabs Claudius. Everyone dies.



dying 2

21. The end.

the end


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