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Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

1. The five Bennet sisters are super excited.

2. The very rich, very eligible bachelor Charles Bingley has rented the local Netherfield manor.

3. Mrs. Bennet is especially excited.

4. She wants to see all her daughters married.


5. They all attend a local ball, where Mr. Bingley becomes infatuated with Jane, the eldest Bennet sister.

6. Mr. Darcy, on the other hand, arrogantly refuses to dance with Elizabeth, and is overheard calling her homely and the town unsophisticated. Everyone views him as haughty.

7. Jane visits Mr. Bingley at Netherfield, but is caught in a downpour on the way over.

8. She catches ill and is forced to stay at the house. How convenient.


9. Elizabeth walks to the house to take care of Jane, but arrives with a mud-spattered dress that Miss Bingley, Mr. Bingley’s sister, looks at in disdain.

oh please

10. But Mr. Darcy likes it.

double take

11. When the girls return home, the clergyman Mr. Collins is visiting. Because the Bennet estate is “entailed,” it can only be passed through male heirs. Mr. Collins is the heir, and no one likes it.

12. Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth. She vehemently refuses.


13. Charlotte, Elizabeth’s best friend, ends up marrying Mr. Collins for financial reasons.


15. And then there’s the side story with Mr. Wickham, who says he was cheated out of inheritance by Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth sympathizes.

14. The Bingley’s go to London for the winter. Jane decides to visit friends in London. She doesn’t get to see Mr. Bingley and Miss Bingley is very rude to her.


15. Elizabeth visits Charlotte and Mr. Collins at his parsonage on Catherine de Bourgh’s estate. Lady Catherine is Mr. Darcy’s aunt, and he also happens to be visiting. Mr. Darcy professes his love for Elizabeth and abruptly proposes to her.

16. She refuses and scolds him about his treatment of her and her family, of Mr. Wickham and for steering Bingley away from Jane.


17. But Mr. Darcy explains everything in a letter.

mr darcy in love

18. Elizabeth reevaluates her feelings and in June, Elizabeth goes on another trip with relatives. There’s an awkward moment when Mr. Darcy finds them visiting his estate.


19. Elizabeth’s younger sister, Lydia elopes with Mr. Wickham. Everyone is horrified.

hell no

20. No one knows, Mr. Darcy sorts the whole thing out, paying Mr. Wickham to marry Lydia.


21. Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy return to Netherfield. Elizabeth has found out about Mr. Darcy’s deal with Mr. Wickham.

mind blown

22. Mr. Bingley proposes to Jane, and Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, again. They accept and everyone is happy.

best day ever


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