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A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens

1. It’s Christmas Eve. Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas.

hate christmas

2. He loves counting money and hates spending it. 

3. He won’t even pay for coals for the fire. His clerk, Bob Cratchit shivers.


4. At his apartment that night, he is shocked to find the ghost of his dead partner, Jacob Marley.


5. Marley warns him about living the same greedy and self-serving life he did, telling Scrooge he will, like him, be condemned to walk the Earth in chains for eternity.

be advised

6. Marley tells Scrooge he will be visited by three spirits that night.


7. So Scrooge falls into a deep sleep.


8. He wakes to the Ghost of Christmas Past. She is very small and young.


9. They revisit his childhood and the moment his fiancé Belle leaves him because of his love for money. It is very moving.


10. The second ghost comes along: The Ghost of Christmas Present. He is very jolly.


11. The ghost shows him what Christmas festivities are like, and Scrooge has a great time.


12. He shows Scrooge the Cratchit family preparing for Christmas this year and Scrooge sees Bob Cratchit’s crippled son, Tiny Tim. It is very moving.


13. The ghost shows him two children of the present, Ignorance and Want (very creative), and leaves him to ponder these poor children as the third ghost comes along.

thinking 4

14. Ghost Number Three: The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. He is very creepy.


15. The ghost shows him strange scenes about an unnamed man’s death. People are arguing over his estate and celebrating his death.


16. The unnamed man turns out to be Scrooge himself. It is very moving.


17. Scrooge begs the ghost to alter his fate and promises to change.


18. Scrooge wakes up in his own bed. It’s Christmas Day.


19. He sends a turkey to the Cratchits and surprises his nephew by coming to his Christmas party.

party 2

20. And over the years, he holds true to his promise. He gives to the poor, treats tiny Tim as his own child, and honors Christmas every year.



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